Making a Difference

April 22, 2018

The Power to Change

April 15, 2018

Their Eyes Were Opened

April 8, 2018

He’s Alive

April 1, 2018

The Great Exchange

March 25, 2018

Jesus’ Control Over My Life and the Other Side of My Ifs

March 18, 2018

Joseph’s Perspective on Life

March 11, 2018
Joseph had a godly perspective on everything that happened in his life. Genesis 50:15-21 Definition of perspective - a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something. Joseph had a…

A Planned Family Reunion

February 18, 2018
Joseph's first reunion with his family was unplanned. Joseph's second reunion is well thought out and planned by Joseph.

An Unplanned Family Reunion

February 11, 2018